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TradeRush is Leading The BitCoin Binary Options Trading

traderushlogoTradeRush began making waves immediately after going live just two years ago and has never stopped refining

its services since. The announcement that TradeRush was to become only the second binary options brokerage

service to offer bitcoin trading really came as no surprise – the bitcoin is all about innovation and advancement,

as is TradeRush. The future of the bitcoin and bitcoin trading in general has never looked more promising –

particularly for those looking to get in the action as early as possible.


The reason TradeRush chose now to get ahead of the game with bitcoin trading is, in its own words, the simple

volatility of the currency. Bitcoin represents the world’s very first fully global virtual currency and brings with it the

start of a revolution that’s set to change binary options trading once and for all. Having picked up on the potential

the currency has for traders at all levels, TradeRush has become the second top-five binary options broker to offer

it as a tradable asset.

To put the idea of bitcoin trading into perspective, the debt crisis in Europe saw the value of the bitcoin drop

to just $13. Then, earlier this year, the currency hit an all-time high of $190 per coin, meaning plenty of folk got

very rich indeed. Like all industry professionals the world over, though, TradeRush is fully aware that the bitcoin

phenomenon could, of course, prove to be temporary and is therefore making the unique opportunity to invest

and make trade available to all of its members right now.

Other Assets

Along with bitcoin trading, TradeRush maintains an enviable catalog of tradable assets covering currency pairs,

indices, stocks and commodities. At the time of writing, traders can choose from 13 forex currency pairs, nine

commodities, eight indices and an ever-growing range of stocks. Examples of the most popular include:

• Stocks: Rolls-Royce, Dell, MasterCard, BP, Google, Amazon, Petrobras, Citi, Apple, Caterpillar, Disney, GM,

Tesco, Nike, JP Morgan Chase, Fiat, Groupon

• Indices: FTSE 100, MSM 30, DAX, KL Future, Bombay SE, EGX 30, NASDAQ

• Commodities: Coffee, sugar, cotton, wheat, corn, gold, coffee, oil, platinum


The bitcoin represents the latest and most significant addition to date, though the range is continually being

evaluated and added to.

Broker Special Features

TradeRush has always been hugely popular for offering a 100 percent free mobile platform and is likely to rake in

the praise for now providing bitcoin trading on the go – a rarity across the industry. Anyone with an iPhone or an

Android device can download the app for free and make the most of all the assets on offer, including the bitcoin.

In addition to the mobile platform, it’s also great to see real-time binary options news being piped into the

platform courtesy of Yahoo! Finance – essential for any trader making decisions in accordance with the news.

Decent analytical reports are also produced by the team behind TradeRush and shared via the trading platform.

We’re still waiting for a demo account feature to be set up, as this is one of the only glaring detraction from the

TradeRush experience, but as accounts are free anyway, it isn’t the end of the world.

Customer Service

There’s really no better place to get started with bitcoin trading or binary options in general, as the customer

support on offer is second to none. There’s a rich archive of learning resources for newcomers, 24-hour live chat

means round-the-clock points of contact, and local rate telephone numbers mean you won’t be forced to spend

too much of your winnings.

At a Glance

Minimum deposit: $200

Maximum bonus: Up to 100% of amount deposited

Returns: 70% to 81%

Currencies: USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, CAD, AUD

Languages: English, French, Japanese, Spanish, Arabic

Minimum investment: $10

Maximum investment: $5,000

Bonus terms: Terms and conditions, trading requirements, bonus agreements

Deposit methods available: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, JCB, wire transfers, Skrill

(MoneyBookers), Liberty Reserve

Withdrawal methods same as above

In Summary

A superb binary options broker that has once again proved its commitment to furthering trader opportunities by

introducing potentially lucrative bitcoin trading. After all we believe this is the most dynamic  and successful broker which built a good reputation among binary options traders in   it’s short period in the market




Redwood Options Review 2014

Broker Summary

Redwood Options has always been considered somewhat ahead of its time, having emerged from nowhere to take on the top binary options brokers in just a few short months. Now, once again, Redwood has proved its commitment to traders as an innovative and forward-thinking platform of choice by introducing bitcoin trading – the bitcoin having recently been acknowledged as one of the most potentially lucrative trading assets on the planet.

Already one of the world’s most highly reputed binary options brokers, Redwood recently announced the bitcoin virtual currency would be added to its tradable assets roster. The popularity of the bitcoin has exploded over the course of the year as its potential value continues to catch the attention of industry pros.

In announcing the new currency, Redwood stated how the volatility of the bitcoin has made it a hugely popular asset for traders scouring the market for fast wins and heavy returns. So far, the BTC/USD pairing has proved to be the most popular by far and is gaining momentum by the day.

The timing really couldn’t be better from a trader’s perspective – the value of the bitcoin spiked from just $13 a couple of years ago to $190 this year, illustrating the potential for massive gains. Bitcoin trading via Redwood follows the same process as all other standard binary trades across the board, which are made exceptionally easy and inspiringly safe by the unique trading platform on offer.

As a potentially temporary asset of value, there’s really no better time to get involved and no better binary options broker to work with than Redwood.
Other Assets
On top of the hugely popular bitcoin, a further 60-plus assets are featured in the Redwood trading catalog. This, of course, isn’t close to the largest range you’ll come across these days, but all bases are covered and all popular assets are here in spades.
There’s about a dozen currency pairs, 20 stocks, seven commodities and more than 20 indices to play with, including the following world-class examples:
Stocks: Rolls-Royce, Reuters, Apple, Nike, Nissan, Gazprom, Coca Cola, Citi, Tata Motors, BP, BAE, Tesco
Indices: Hang Seng, MSM 30, Straits Times, KL Future, Dubai, TOPIX, FTSE 100, CAC, DAX
Commodities: Gold, wheat, sugar, coffee, oil, platinum, silver
Broker Special Features
The service package from Redwood goes beyond comprehensive to bring traders a series of features you might not find elsewhere – all of which can be used to enhance bitcoin trading.
Option Builder: This lets the pro trader take full control of the trades they make by way of expiry times, risk ratios and so much more. When applied to the bitcoin, the potential for gains goes through the roof.
Open Platform: While maintaining full confidentiality, the open trading platform allows all binary options traders to see the moves and actions of all other traders in real time. As such, you need never miss out on a golden opportunity you might not have been aware of.
60-Second Options: Always a popular choice, these super-fast trades take just one minute to wrap up and deliver their outcome.
Digital Options: This refers to the standard binary options trading at Redwood; choose up or down and see what happens!
Customer Service
Redwood is a brilliant place to get going with bitcoin trading, as the customer support services on offer are first-class. Resources for newcomers just getting started are abundant yet concise enough to communicate all the essential basics in no time at all. In addition, advanced resources are on offer for seasoned traders, and FAQ sections are continually being updated.
There are also plenty of dedicated bitcoin resources for anyone not yet up to speed on the new virtual currency.
The team can be contacted 24 hours a day via live chat and remains one of the most experienced and genuinely passionate on the market today by a long shot.
At a Glance
Minimum deposit: 200 EUR, 200 USD, 20,000 JPY
Maximum bonus: Up to 100% of amount deposited
Returns: 70% to 81%
Currencies: EUR, USD, GBP, CAD, JPY, AUD
Languages: English only
Minimum investment: $5
Maximum investment: None
Deposit methods available: Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, wire transfer, CashU
Withdrawal methods available: Credit card, wire transfer

In Summary
A binary options broker to trust and a great entry point for both newcomers and those looking to get involved in bitcoin trading while the pickings are rich.

Introduction To Bitcoin Binary Options

Trading bitcoin binary option   Bitcoin has become the hottest   currency,( this is now under debate) but in trade rush trading platform you will find this asset on currencies . with skyrocketing  value form 0 USD to 1200 USD in less than 250  weeks since it was first introduce  how ever this state of the art cryptocurrency is have some huge barriers and risks and one of its huge problem is its volatility which can go up and down in huge percentage with every news released in the press . so only time can tell if it will be considered the new financial mechanism of the 21st century or and nothing more than a 2.0 tulip mania which will end with bottomless dive. for this reason instead in of having all the hassle of trading live bitcoin i found the best most exciting and secure way to bet on the Bitcoin direction without the hassle of buying bitcoins saving them or selling them when the time is come.
Trading bitcoin binary option is a must have for any financial savvy who wants to participate in the Bitcoin excitement and lucrative profits opportunities  with smart risk hedging against complete crush of the bitcoin bubble

You can start trade with traderush  in less than 3 minutes in with a very simple and intuitive interface.

BitCoins Options Trading as an alternative to Bitcoins exchange

\Even though almost everyone in the world is familiar with the term “bitcoins” and the prospects and dangers which are predicted to this market in the near future of global economy and even one can say humanity still many people around the world whether it is in the USA Canada or Israel find it almost impossible buying bitcoins directly .because of the banking system ban money transactions to bitcoin exchanges. and If you are on the other hand don’t believe. if love trading derivatives you should try the most exotic one of them . .

TradeRush. is one  Broker offering Bitcoins binary options trading. The trading of binary options is very simple and virtually any one in the world can trade bitcoin options.